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About us.


Custom Classic Homes was founded in 1995 by Keith Roberson, who has built dream homes literally his entire adult life. Keith began building with his future father-in-law at age 17. By the time he was 25 he started his own custom trim business, artfully and meticulously crafting the finish work of fine homes throughout Middle Tennessee. Throughout his career, Keith has built a team of the most skilled and experienced, high-end craftsmen in the area, many of whom he’s worked with since the very beginning. After 44 years in the dream-building business, Keith is still on the job site every day overseeing every detail of his clients’ investment.

Custom Classic Homes is approved an unlimited license on the size and amount of homes we build.

Our process.


STEP 1: Kickoff Meeting

The initial meeting between the client and Custom Classic Homes involves discussing the client’s goals and Custom Classic Homes planning and building process. We will talk about the scope for the project and determine a direction, as well as discuss the project costs and timelines.


STEP 2: Review the Design

Custom Classic Homes meets with client to review the conceptual design. It may be reviewed and tweaked as many times as necessary to create the one that the client loves.


STEP 3: Budget Review

The client and Custom Classic Homes meet to review the initial budget. We will discuss any changes and then establish a path to move forward.


STEP 4: Finance Meeting

The client meets with bank to talk about the project and obtain a loan pre-approval.


STEP 5: Final Budget Review and Contract to Bid

The client and Custom Classic Homes meet to review the final budget. We will discuss any final changes to the budget and agree on the steps to move forward. We will also talk about the contract to build and have the client sign final documents. Then the plans, specifications, budget, and contract are ready for the client to submit to the bank. The bank will order the appraisal and work with the client to close the loan.


STEP 5: Final Budget Review and Contract to Bid

Custom Classic Homes will submit all plans to the building department for review and approval. Once approved, they will issue permits and we will begin construction.

Keith Roberson is an extraordinary builder and even better human being. Keith knows what it takes to build a quality home and has very loyal sub-contractors who pay attention detail and do things the right way.  We would recommend Keith to anyone who wants to build a home and hold him in high regard.

Trevor & Holly Pagliara, Cool Springs, Tennessee

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